Friday, January 21, 2011

Presenting the Queen & the Princess

Tonight Kylie wanted to play dress up...with Sierra.  Sierra was less than willing to comply with her majesty's request, but she cooperated for at least 5 minutes :)  Here are a few of the pictures I took.

IMG_2389 IMG_2390 copy IMG_2396 IMG_2388

And we’re done…

IMG_2398 copy

Monday, January 10, 2011

I need to outsource my blogging to someone in India…

Wow, I have successfully become one of those bloggers that doesn’t write anything for months.  I can’t believe how the time just flies by now with 2 kids.  I use to have a few hours a day when Kylie took a nap to update my blog if I needed to.  But sadly Sierra quit taking naps at the same time with Kylie, so I’m lucky to get anything done.

Let’s see, I guess I need to start back in November.  It was our turn to have Thanksgiving with my family in Illinois.  We were able to visit for 10 days, and it was sooo nice to see everyone.  I really hate living away from my family.  It bites.  Anyway, where was I…  It was really nice to just relax while being there.  It was fun to hang out with the fam and eat great food.  We tried out a few new restaurants that I had never heard of in Springfield.  They were featured on Man vs. Food and boy will I be heading back there again!  The first place was called Darcy’s Pint.  They are famous for their horseshoes.  Now I have come to learn that no one out here knows what a horseshoe is…well the kind you eat anyway.  You take a piece of Texas toast and pile hamburger meat (or chicken, ham, breaded tenderloin, etc)  on it, then top it with french fries and cheese sauce.  Holy crap its good!  We ate there twice while we were there :)  Then we ate at the Cozy Dog.  Apparently they claim to be the inventors of the corn dog.  It was insanely good.  Yeah, I ate a lot while I was home…which is why I look like a porker right now.  We also went to see Lincoln’s Tomb, his house, and the State Capitol Building.  I had not been to Lincoln’s tomb since I was a kid in grade school.  I got a little teary eyed while there.  His monument is HUGE!  Anyway, his home was pretty cool too.  The capitol building was awesome!  I was bummed that we missed being able to see a tour of it, but we at least got to see a little bit of the inside.  Anyway, thanks mom and dad, as always, for a great time at home :)


We had a photo shoot in the park :)

IMG_1713 IMG_1716 IMG_1721 IMG_1728

Abe Lincoln’s tombIMG_1772 IMG_1776 IMG_1807

Brenna and Kylie having fun in the gift shop at the Abe Lincoln sites


Abe Lincoln’s house


Kylie in front of the capitol building


Inside the Capitol building in the ceiling



December…wow, where did that month go???!!!  There seemed to be something going on all the time last month.  Christmas was a blast this year, especially since Kylie is old enough to kind of get what is going on.  This IS the last year I can go shopping for  that kids Christmas presents.  She remembered everything I got her..stuff I had bought 2 months prior as well!  It was funny, I had bought her two horses at Wal-mart and I had wrapped them individually.  She got the first one unwrapped and then exclaimed, “Where’s the other one?”  Good grief…  We sadly did not take any pics of Christmas morning.  What is wrong with us!  Here are few pics of my sweet girls.IMG_1944 IMG_1947

IMG_1967copy copy IMG_1971 IMG_1984 copy

IMG_2028 copy IMG_2037 copy IMG_2038 IMG_2041

IMG_2069 copy

Kylie got a doctor kit for Christmas and these are her doctor glasses :)


IMG_2097 IMG_2100 IMG_2104 IMG_2108 IMG_2111

We blessed Sierra on January 2nd.  And of course we forgot to take pictures.  So I will be having Austin get in his suit again and we’ll dress Sierra up in her dress and I’ll take some pics.  I swear, I thought you were suppose to forget to take pics of like your 5th kid, not your second!

I celebrated my 29th birthday on January 3rd.  Of course Austin spoiled me like usual :)  I had a great birthday.

And that takes us to today!  I signed Kylie up for swimming lessons in April.  Can’t believe my little baby will be 4 this year.  I am having a blast being home with my girls.  I am REALLY looking forward to summer again so we can get out of the house more often.  Well, it’s off to bed!  Until next time..