Monday, November 17, 2008

So long...farewell...

This will probably be the last post for a while. We are leaving to go to Illinois this Thursday to spend Thanksgiving with my family :) I am sooo excited to see everyone. I've told myself that I'm not going to come back weighing 5-7 pounds more, but I think it's inevitable... Oh well. Tis the season to gain weight :) I thought I would post some cute pics of Kylie to hold you over till December. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are truly blessed with all that we have. Till next time...

Picture 003

Picture 008

Picture 011

Picture 015

Picture 018

Friday, November 14, 2008


So I really enjoyed this tag Deborah :) You take the fourth picture from your fourth file, say a little bit about it and then tag 4 other people. Here's what mine was:

Picture 005

This was taken at Temple Square in front of the reflection pool. Kylie wouldn't smile for any of the pictures. Anyway, this was such a fun day because my old roomate from Ricks (miss you Heather!) came down with her family and we went to see the sites in Salt Lake that day. Good times....

I tag Heather, Shelly, Tiffini, and Nichole.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another week has almost gone by...

Wow, is it really going to be Friday tomorrow? Crazy. Well I don't have much to say for this week. Wait, yes I do, I want to vent about something. You know the doorbell rang today and I was expecting my friend to come by so I went and answered it (I don't usually answer the door in fear of sales people). Wouldn't you know it, it wasn't my friend it was a DANG SALESMAN!!! Foiled again.... You know, they should be required to knock a special way, that way I would know not to answer it. We don't have a peep hole and when I try to stealthily look through the window they always catch me. Seriously, I hate having to listen to them give their shpeal about "Oh this great new product...blah blah blah, you're husband will love it...blah blah blah. Oh, you want to talk to your husband about it? Oh, I'm sorry but this is your one time chance in eternity to buy this and you will have no other way to contact us..." Ok then, good riddance! This one fruity lady came by one time and tried to sell me this miracle cleaner that would clean ANYTHING off and she said it would save me all this money. She then proceeded to whip out this overview of how much money I spend on cleaners a year...Yeah it equaled to be like $200. $200 on cleaners! Good grief, I think I might buy one thing of toilet bowl cleaner and some 409 and thats it. $200, is she crazy! Does she think I deep clean my house every day??? Anyway, she then told me that it was made from these safe chemicals and if I drank it it wouldn't harm me. Ummm who thinks about drinking cleaner??! Anyway, she then proceeded to take the top off the bottle and lick the tube that was attached to the spray bottle. Umm yeah, didn't need to see a demonstration, I believe you!!! Ahhh whatever. You know, the other thing I don't like about them coming door to door is I always wonder if they are going to come back later and egg my house or set a bag of flaming poo on my porch because I wouldn't buy anything. So far no eggs or poo but I'm sure I'll get it some day....

Ok, wow, did I just right all that? Must be in a writing mood. Well, here is a collage of some cute pics of Kylie over the last 16 months. She is growing up WAYYY too fast. Anyhoo, I hope you all enjoy this somewhat nice weather out and enjoy your weekend!

Home-Refinishing Dressers 2007_04_14

Friday, November 7, 2008

A look back at my week...

I've had a really good week so far. We had FHE for like the third week in a row :) It's amazing how I look forward to Monday nights now. I love how Austin and I have become so dedicated to having it every week. We are also doing a scripture challenge. If we both read for 31 days in a row we get a reward. Don't know if that's the best way of doing it, but I tell you what, it's been 2 weeks already and it's already become a habit for me. So spiritually, I'm doing good!

Tuesday was a good/bad day. I was disappointed with the presidential elections. I kind of fear for this country and what's going to happen. Hope I don't offend anyone if you're excited Obama won. Anyway, Austin and I watched a little bit of the elections and then we played our Wii...yes, we caved and bought one. But let me tell ya, I'm so excited that we did :) It's so much fun. You know, I wish one day manufactures would become less money hungry and actually make the item you're buying worth your money. I mean, we got the Wii but it only came with one remote so we had to buy another one...for $40. Good grief, are the innards made of gold or something? Plus, why can't you get a couple of games with your console. All the good games are priced out the wazoo. Oh well.... So anyway, it's been fun to play with Austin but I need to be careful because I've already hurt my back a couple of times playing the baseball and boxing game. I get a little tooo into it.

I canned some of my tomatoes on Wednesday for the first time. Boy, that was an experience. I had about 80 ripe tomatoes that I wanted to can. After 3 hours of being in a hot kitchen, I got 2 quarts out of it. Yes, only 2. My problem was that the tomatoes were tiny and the skins were not peeling off of them after I blanched them so I only ended up with this tiny amount of tomato. So after all that, I only got 2 jars. I did the idiotic thing of twisting the cap the wrong way when I got one of jars out of the water after being boiled for 45 min. , thus making it unsealed. So then I had to cook it AGAIN. Won't it just be my luck if I did something wrong and we all get botulism.

I had my book party last night and it was sooo much fun. Thanks again for everyone who came. So far I'm up to $40 in free books! Yeah! Kylie had a blast. The lady brought all these books to show to everyone and she had this nice stand to display them on. Well, that lasted about 5 seconds because Kylie would keep pulling them off and looking at them. I'm so excited that she loves books. She was so excited to show my neighbors little girl a book that she actually stuck it in the poor kids eye. The little girl started crying and Kylie just looked at her like, "What's the matter with you!"

I'm excited for this weekend because we're going to put our Christmas lights up. I know it's a little bit early, but I think it would be better to put them up now while it's only slightly freezing out :)

So there you have it. My week in review. I did learn a few things this week that I would now like to share....

1. No matter how fast you may think you're emailing someone on Freecycle, you're never going to be the first one who emailed. I swear, there must be people who just wait for emails to come in their inbox so they can get the goods first. I've tried like 5 times this week to get something, and wouldn't you know it, someone beat me to it...

2. Miracle on 34th street (the old one) is one of the best Christmas movies ever. I was able to buy it yesterday for my collection. Figured I better get it now before Wal-mart runs out and then I will never find another copy again for weeks. I hate how they don't stock things quickly. Grrr...

3. Hot chocolate everyday does the body good. Costco has a sale right now where you can get 4 cans for $10. I bought some last week and I've almost finished off a can myself...

4. I've learned that I can't leave my things on the floor because Kylie likes to hide them. I have found things put in our hamper, in drawers, and sadly (I've not been looking forward to this day) in the toilet.

5. No matter how tight I put the blankets around Kylie at night, she still somehow manages to escape out of them. She is a little Houdini. We've been having to have the heat on to about 75 every night so Kylie won't freeze to death but them I wake up sweating like a pig. I like it when the heat isn't on and you have to sleep with like 4 covers. I think I should sew a wool blanket that Kylie can wear...Has someone already thought of that idea?

Well, this novel is done with. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had an awesome Halloween this year. I will be excited next year when we can finally take Kylie. This year she is still too young and I didn't want to feel completely retarded like last year when we took her treat or treating (granted she was 3 months old) and the parents at the door gave us the weirdest looks like, "Oh, the BABY wants some candy huh?" Of course we took her last year so we could get some free candy, but I didn't know the experience would make me feel so stupid! So anyway, Kylie didn't go door to door this year, but we still had a fun Halloween. We went up to Austin's mom and dad's house and had chili, donuts, caramel apples, and cider. We passed out candy to the trick or treaters. Austin had fun showing off his pumpkin he made for his work party. It turned out really cool and he won movie tickets because it was so awesome :) He had it all rigged up so that when you would push a button the lights and music would come on or the dracula guy would start spinning. It was great. Kylie enjoyed eating Grandma's candy and running around in her cute little lady bug outfits. Yes, I said outfits. My mom and sister bought her one too (not knowing that I had already bought one). So she had two adorable outfits to parade around in that night :) All in all it was a really fun night.

Austin's pumpkin



Kylie freaking out at Austin's work party. She didn't like everyone in their Halloween outfits! As you can see, she's trying to crawl up me and claw at my face...



This is where Kylie was most of the night...






Outfit my mom and sister got her