Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is the post that never ends....

It has been some time since I have last posted. It has been a very busy month and I never could find time to just sit down and put up a new post. So after about a month of being dormant, here ya go!
Here are a few pics of Kylie being a cutie. These first two pics you can see her little teeth that have come in. Don't get your fingers near her mouth, or she will bite you! She bit through my finger last week. Sharp little buggers...

I went back home to see my family for a week. It was so much fun. Kylie's personality and her ability to do things have changed quite a bit since the last time I was home. My sister Brenna had so much fun playing with her. She is going to make a great mom some day :)
Kylie LOVED playing the piano. Here she is with Grandpa pounding away at a tune :)
My brother Dylan is so cute with her. I would always find him entertaining her.

LOL...Oh man, this pic is hilarious. Looks like both of them smell something foul....


Austin and Kylie and I went for a hike on this trail near the mouth of Provo canyon. It was a beautiful day out and Kylie got to enjoy the ride from her back pack.

I tried the back pack out for a little while. I almost felt like toppling backwards, but since I'm a tough woman, I made it work out :) Several people that we passed looked at us funny because here I am carrying this back pack with Kylie in it and Austin wasn't holding anything. So I gave the pack back to him so his manhood wouldn't be ruined anymore :)


Last Thursday we decided to go check out this cave. It was me, Austin, my brother Damian, his girlfriend Janelle, and Jordan and Ashley. On the way up to the cave we saw several deer. The hike up to the cave was pretty much straight up. When we finally got to the cave we then had to shimmy straight up this rock wall. I have several bruises from that experience :) We also encountered 4 bats (not cool) and some beetles. It was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to more spelunking!

Damian and his girlfriend Janelle

Getting ready for the adventure ahead!

Ashley and Jordan



Well our tulips have finally come up. They are the coolest looking flowers. I am so excited for spring to stay here!

On Saturday we went to go get flowers for my flower box that Austin made me a few years ago (I still love it hon!) and for my flower pots. Thanks Wendy for helping me out! It was a lot of fun to plant them and to make our yard look awesome.

Well, there ya go! I will try not to go so long next time in between posts :) Hope all of you enjoy your week! Im looking forward to a warm weekend in Moab! Yahoo! See ya!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vinyl Lettering Anyone?

So my neighbor down the street sells vinyl lettering and I was wondering if anyone was interested in buying any. I am thinking about hosting a party, but only if enough people are interested. If you could let me know by either emailing me at or by leaving a comment, that would be great! Here is a picture of my kitchen with the vinyl lettering I bought. If you would like to see more of these lettering and the different choices you can choose from, just go to and click on customer corner login. Then on the left hand side of the page enter the demonstrator ID which is 523620 and the Registration Token, which is Tolman. Let me know if anyone is interested! Thanks!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wal-Mart Pictures

So last month I went to take Kylie to get her pictures taken at Wal-mart for Easter. It was a living nightmare that day because we had to wait an hour when we got there for the lady to come back, and then when she did show up there were already people waiting. So after 45 minutes Kylie finally gets her turn. By that time she was sleepy and tired and a little annoyed at how the photographer was trying to get her to smile (she would wave this fluffy scarf type thing over her eyes and Kylie would just give her the stink eye). It was really hard to get her to smile, but the pictures turned out way cute (thank heavens). I love this tea party picture. I love the pearls and how she's holding her little cup :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fun with Kylie

Let me just say that I hope all the rest of my kids get their picture taken as much as Kylie, otherwise I'm going to feel bad! The other night we decided to take a BUNCH more pics of our little cutie pie. I thought these were the cutest little bath pictures we have taken.

The wash cloth makes a cute little hat, don't ya think!

We gave Kylie some bread to eat when we were over at Austin's mom and dad's house. She really liked it! I think she was saving that piece for later...

Once again, I can't seem to add a new post without including a picture of this face :)