Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to my sweet Sierra


So technically tomorrow is Sierra’s birthday, but we will be at Six Flags all day so I wanted to post this now.  I cannot even believe my little baby is going to be 1 tomorrow.  Where did this year go???  Seriously, I can hardly believe it.  I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.  Getting to the hospital and being dilated to a 9.  Having to wait for my doctor to get to American Fork from Salt Lake.  And then I pushed a few times and there was my sweetheart.  Sierra has been a HUGE joy in our lives.  She is the happiest, smiliest baby.  She makes this funny sound with her mouth and loves to point and squeal at everything.  She started walking last week, and now nothing can stop her!  She is getting in her 2 front teeth and it appears they will look like Kylie’s did– a gap big enough to drive a semi through Smile  She knows what a doggie says and if you tell her, “Sierra, high five!,” she sticks her little hand up. She will also blow you a kiss, which is about the cutest stinkin thing ever.   She loves her big sister to death and instantly has smiles for her when she walks into the room.  I love when she lays her little head down on my shoulder and when I get one of her open mouth slobbery kisses Smile  I don’t know how we lived our life without that little girl.  I am so blessed to have 2 wonderful children and an amazing husband.  Sierra, I love you baby girl!  Happy Birthday tomorrow!





Saturday, October 22, 2011

My baby is walking!!!

On Tuesday Sierra decided that she wanted to walk!  It was so awesome!  I can’t believe how fast my little munchkin is growing up.  I also noticed today that she is getting one of her top teeth in.  I took some pics tonight of her waddling around Smile


Aquarium of the Pacific

Today for our Saturday adventure, we headed over to Long Beach to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific. It is apparently one of the largest aquariums in the US. I must say, I was impressed. My absolute favorite part was the 3 story high tank full of sharks, small fish, sting rays, a sea turtle…it was awesome. Loved seeing the sea otters and lions. Saw some giant spider crabs that were intense to see. Seriously, I would not want to be in the same tank with those guys! Sierra loved to get her face right up to the glass and point at the fish. Austin’s favorite part was feeding these really cool birds out of this cup in his hand. It would have been more fun for me if they had crapped on him…I’m joking! We had tons of fun today and I look forward to next weekend when Austin’s mom and dad come out for the weekend!!!


This was cool, they had touch pools that you could touch sharks and manta rays.


I wish you could tell from the pictures how enormous these things were. IMG_3863IMG_3865IMG_3877IMG_3882IMG_3884IMG_3887

Friday, October 21, 2011


Yesterday we took a trip to the happiest place on earth…yes, the beloved Disneyland.  Kylie has been sooo excited to go here since we moved to Anaheim.  I really was not wanting to go during UEA, but Austin thought it might be the only day we could go (I refuse to go on the weekend).  When we first got there, ALL the cool rides were closed.  I mean every single awesome “big person” ride was closed.  So that in turn made the lines for the kiddy rides extremely long.  The first half of the day, I was not really enjoying myself.  But after I realized that this day was about making Kylie happy, not me, it got better Smile  The other rides opened up again and we were able to go on almost all the rides we wanted to.  I really can’t even imagine what that place is like in the summer.  Pure insanity I’m sure.  Must say, I loved the Fast Passes, Baby swaps, and single rider rides.  Made things go sooo much faster!  I did a single rider on the Indiana Jones ride.  10 seconds into it, the ride shut down.  We sat in the dark for about 5 minutes and then the lights came on and we sat for another 15 or so.  I was right under a cooling vent and froze my butt off.  So I was kind of miffed because it was only suppose to take like 15 min total to ride the ride and get back to Austin and the girls.  Ended up taking almost an hour.  When the ride finally started working again, they let us ride again, so that was nice.  I LOVED the Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain.  The Jungle Ride was great.  Had a hilarious tour guide who made cheesy jokes throughout the ride.  Kylie loved all the fast roller coasters.  After one of the rides she goes, “Mom, that was so freaking awesome!”  (Yes, I know, I need to be better at telling her not to say freaking because it is becoming a part of her everyday vocab Smile).  Kylie got to meet Snow White, Goofy, and Mickey Mouse.  She was sooo shy meeting Mickey.  It was so cute though. Kylie loved It’s a Small World.  She kept saying she wanted to go back on it, but I think I would have to shoot myself.  It was cool and all, but that song being played over and over and over…Instant insanity.  Anyway, at the end of the day Austin said that we should come back here one more time before we move.  I was like, “Wha, wha, what?  Really!”  I’m holding him to that Smile  Really wish it wasn’t so much money for one day.  All in all, it was a great day and I really hope we get to go back in a few weeks.


Loved capturing her face on this ride.  She LOVED spinning faster and faster.  I’m getting sick just thinking about it…


Life as beach bums


Sierra loves sand and sucking on sticks. What’s sad is I’m not sure how long she had been chowing down on this fish smelling stick, but it was long enough to take a pic Smile



I told Kylie to strike a pose Smile