Friday, February 22, 2008

A Face Says a Thousand Words....

Oh my little Kylie learned a new face recently. It is by far the funniest dang thing I have ever seen! I love this first picture. It's like she's saying, "What's your problem!," or "Bring it on!!!" LOL. Oh man, I'm going to love showing her boyfriends these pictures one day...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Howdy do!

So I was laying in bed this morning thinking about how blessed our little family is. Austin just got a really nice raise this week, which will help out our financial situation tremendously. I am so grateful that I am able to stay home with Kylie and I am so grateful for my adorable and incredibly smart husband. He has made my life so incredibly wonderful and I could not ask for a better father for my children.

Another thing I am so excited about is I can fit into almost all my pre-baby jeans! I have been working my butt off in trying to lose the extra weight I gained with Kylie. No one told me how hard it was to lose it!!! I am definetly going to try and not eat a lot of sugar next time I get pregant...we will see how long that lasts!!! I dont know about you guys, but leave me all day with a pan full of brownies and I will do some serious damage! Just ask Austin.

So I am doing s
omething that I thought I would never do...and that is to watch American Idol. Lol. Seriously, I always thought that show was so incredibley stupid, but I started watching it this season and its good! I love that David Archuleta kid. I secretly hope he wins. I'll be excited in a few weeks to able to watch the show with a clear picture (we have bunny ears on our TV). We are getting Direct TV and Im so excited! It's been almost 4 years since I have had cable, but surprisenly enough I survived withought it. But what can I say, I'm so excited to get it!!!

So I have this cold right now that won't go away. I wish moms got sick days. Oh well :) My right nostril is all blocked up and my nose is kind of numb because I blow it all the time. I went to eat lunch with Austin at work today and I didn't even realize (as I'm talking to one of his co-workers) that snot is dripping down my face. How embarrasing...

So I never write this much on my blog! It's kind of nice to think of someting to say. I hope I dont bore you guys to death with this.

Oh, some exciting news, my brother Damian got accepted to BYU and will be coming out here in April! I am so excited for him. Well, that makes 3 out of the 6 kids that have moved out west. My brother Shane lives in Vegas. Maybe one day my family will move out here :)

Some of you have wondered how I changed my background. I have my friend Tamara to thank for that. Her friend helped her do it to her blog, so here is the website with the step by step instructions on how to do it. It's super easy and a lot of fun. The website is

Well I hope you guys have a great week!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Good morning!

So I decided that Kylie would be in a photo shoot this morning :) She looked so dang cute, I couldn't resist.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's New With Kylie

Well I thought you guys would like a little update on our little girl. She is now 7 months old. She still wakes up every morning around 10:00. We hang out for a little while and then she takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. She says "da da" all the time now and has said "mum mum" but it was only a couple of times. She sits up great all by herself and loves to roll around on the floor. She still does not crawl or have any teeth, but I have a feeling both are going to come soon. She loves rice cereal and most of the baby food that I have been feeding her (although she did several full body shudders when I fed her green beans). She finally got her eye color a few months ago. She has her daddy's eyes - green eyes with brown in the middle. She loves to pull her socks off and stuff them in her mouth. Whenever I go to put them back on, they are soaking wet :) She is such a beautiful baby and a joy to have. It is exciting to see her personality develop. We love our little Kylie bug.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Silly Girl

So we took this video last month of our little Kylie. She was being so funny that night. I think she was getting ready for the next day when she officially said "da da." She won't stop talking now :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

Click to play Kylie
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You know, I never get tired of taking pictures of my little Kylie bug. I love her so very much and I am so glad I have this opportunity to be her mom. It is so much fun to play with her and help her learn new things. I'm excited to have another little one (dont worry Austin, we're still going to wait a while). Enjoy the pics!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Head Dress

So we like to get a good laugh at Kylie's expense every once in a while. Here she is on Sunday after coming home from church. I don't know about you but I think its a good look for her!!!

On Saturday Austin, Kylie, me and Austins mom and dad snowshoed up South Fork in Provo Canyon. It was so much fun to get out and exercise. If you look closely you can see my pink snow shoes :)

Here is Howard and Wendy having some fun :)

Kylie kind of got off to a bad start that morning. Before we started snowshoeing Austin changed her diaper in the Jeep. As he was coming around to get a diaper from the trunk, the cold air hitting her little butt ignited her bladder and she peed all over herself. I didnt have another pair of pants with me, so she had to enjoy her adventure with a wet bum. Poor kid...

Here's Austin with his little furnace strapped to him (otherwise known as Kylie). They both kept pretty warm that morning :)

Isn't is sooo purty!

I love this picture of Austin and Kylie. She slept most of the time we were snowshoeing.

Kylie keeping warm while we stop and have some lunch.

I absolutely love this picture Austin took. This was right before we left to go home. Looks like we left just in time before another snow storm rolled in.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Fun with Kylie

Here are some more cute pictures of our little Kylie bug. She loves wearing Austin's baseball hat. It's funny when the brim falls over her eyes and you cant see her head at all. She would not smile AT ALL while Austin was trying to take this picture. Little turkey...

I took these pictures of her the other day. Almost everytime I tried to take her picture she would shut her eyes, purse her lips, and spit at me. It was the funniest thing! She's never done that before, but I'm sure she'll continue to do it for a while. Funny how when they learn something new they do it again over and over :)

She loves looking at her books (and trying to eat them). I've tried reading to her, but she has no attention span yet. Although when I went home for Christmas, she watched an entire episode of Teletubbies without moving. I think that should be incentive enough for us to get cable! Jk.