Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh dear, where to begin….

Holy smokes, where did the summer go!  Probably the same place my blog updates went.  Sigh…  This is going to be numerous posts of our adventures this summer.  I have no time (unless previously done earlier) to edit, photoshop, or even care if the light quality or picture is not up to Linley standards.  I just used 2 hours of my life going through all our pics from this summer and deciding what to use – I ain’t editing them!  Lol.  With that said, let the blogging updates begin!!!!

Our first summer here in Connecticut was awesome, with visits from Austin’s family and spending time with friends and our little family.  Austin’s mom and dad and brother and wife and their kids stayed with us in July and we kept them pretty busy running around here and there. 

We played in the water:

IMG_5936 IMG_5955

IMG_0653 IMG_0666

IMG_0722  IMG_0738  

IMG_1099 IMG_1119 IMG_1124 IMG_1136

Celebrated Kylie’s 5th Birthday:

IMG_6132IMG_6122  IMG_6138 IMG_6183 IMG_6196


Celebrated the 4th of July:



Visited Boston:

IMG_6248 IMG_6256 IMG_6266 IMG_6302 IMG_6308 IMG_6328 IMG_6372 IMG_6398 IMG_6406


Took Family Pictures:

IMG_6425 IMG_6442 IMG_6485 IMG_6487

And went to New York:

IMG_6588 IMG_6591 IMG_6620 IMG_6651  IMG_6692

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